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MAG3110: transitioning from active mode to standby

Question asked by Peter Koblauch on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Peter Koblauch


  I have a question about entering standby mode from active. Nothing vital just for a better understanding.


The scenario is an application that is doing some continuous data gathering in active mode at a specific ODR and OSR and then "decides", while still in active mode, that it is a good time to put the MAG3110 into standby mode. Another scenario (not mine) is that an application could want to stay in active mode but at different ODR and/or OSR.


According to the datasheet, before any changes, we first need to enter standby.


Now, section 4.2.6 in the datasheet has some information relating to this but is focused on the behavior when transitioning from active mode into triggered mode.


Section 5.5.1 seems to provide an answer, e.g. just write 0 to the CTRL_REG1    AC bit, but in contrast to the information in 4.2.6 there is no further explanation as to what happens then. Since the device, at that time, I mean just before clearing AC, would be in continuous active mode,  it could be 1) in the middle of a measurement or 2) waiting for the right time to do the next, or 3) ?.

What happens when you clear AC? Are there different scenarios, for example depending on the sub states? Or will device without further ado abandon everything?


I am trying to decide between a) entering standby as described or b) just powering the device off, like I am doing now.


--thanks a lot--