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Changing  System Clock Frequency can not  speed up processing speed when using MPC5744P

Question asked by 乐舟 叶 on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by 皮 小

Hi :


I have a problem to speed up the calculation of the MPC5744P by changing the system clock frequency.


First of all, 16 MHz IRCOSC was used as the system clock ( MC_ME.RUN0_MC.B.SYSCLK = 0;)and I tested  the time for MPC5744P to process a formula, it takes around 100us (Testing by PIT) .Then I used the primary PLL (PHI) as the source of system clock ( MC_ME.RUN0_MC.B.SYSCLK = 2), so the system clock frequency is supposed to be 160MHZ. But the processing time stayed unchanged .


Could you give me some advice on why I cannot speed up processing speed by changing  system clock frequency ?