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Coldfire M5485EVB with just released Linux kernel, u-boot problem

Discussion created by James Kimble on Sep 11, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2008 by James Kimble

I'm using a custom board based on the M5485EVB. Biggest difference is more SDRAM (128M) and more and different Flash (64MB, Intel P33).

I've made the same type changes I made to get colilo to work (Changes CFG_CS#_BASE, MASK and CTRL in M5485EVB.h and start addresses in start.S) but I'm getting nothing. Can someone tell me if there's a common way to change these two things (flash and ram size) in u-boot. U-boots a lot more complex than colilo so I'm just not sure if I'm getting everything that needs to change with a corresponding change to the CS0_BASE address.