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Looking for boards with MPC7448, e.g. MCEVALHPC2-7448e

Question asked by Sverker Nilsson on Aug 25, 2017
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We are looking for boards with the MPC7448 processor, for example in particular the evaluation board from NXP: MCEVALHPC2-7448e.


Does anybody know where to find such boards or have perhaps (even used units in good condition) some that we could get to buy?

We have specific requirements because the boards are going to be used for timing tests.

We would need about 6 units.

The specific requirements can be summarized as follows:


-          MPC7448 processor

-          Processor core clock 1.20 GHZ

-          Memory bus 133 MHZ

-          MPX bus 133 MHZ

-          Linux


I know I am sending this to the group for QorlQ processors, which may be a bit inappropriate as it is newer processors, but didn't find any group for older processors so I am trying this group if anybody has knowledge about legacy PowerPC processors.


Best regards,

Sverker Nilsson