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T4240QDS SATA data transimission cannot complete.

Question asked by Miles Wang on Aug 24, 2017



I meet a issue that T4240QDS SATA data transimission cannot complete in stress test. During the stress test, T4240QDS SATA conroller stops working.

Before start the stress test, sata registers as below:

SATA_CQR = 0x00000000
SATA_CAR = 0x00000000
SATA_CCR = 0x00000000
SATA_CER = 0x00000000
SATA_DER = 0x00000000
SATA_CHBA = 0x03519000
SATA_HStatus = 0xa0000000
SATA_HContrl = 0x8000053f
SATA_CQPMP = 0x00000000
SATA_SIG = 0xffffffff
SATA_ICC = 0x01000000
SATA_SStatus = 0x00000123
SATA_SError = 0x00000000
SATA_SControl = 0x00000300
SATA_SNotification = 0x00000000
SATA_TransCfg = 0x08000016
SATA_LinkCfg = 0x3800ff34
SATA_LinkCfg1 = 0x00000000
SATA_LinkCfg2 = 0x00000000
SATA_PhyCtrlCfg1 = 0x00003820
SATA_SYSPR = 0x00000000


After the issue occur (may need 1 hour continuous read/write SSD), only one register changes as below:

SATA_CQR = 0x00000001


We can see that SATA_CQR cannot turn 0. It means SATA controller cannot finish current data transimission, no error is reported. SATA driver cannot recover from the issue.


Can you help analyze the issue? How to reset the SATA controller by software?