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Unable to hit breakpoints on LPC4357 M0 core running FreeRTOS

Question asked by nos1989 on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by Fernando Theirs

Hello everyone,


I am new to multicore devlopment, FreeRTOS and ARM in general.  I am using the MCB4300 demo board with the Keil uVision development tools to run the LAN Radio Demo (Keil MCB4357 Evaluation Board and Internet Radio Solution|NXP ).


I am able to build it and run it just fine.  I can step through the code on the M4 core (running baremetal code) and set breakpoints, however when I try setting breakpoints on the M0 core (running FreeRTOS) the core never stops even though I know that condition has been reached as I am writing debug statements to a terminal window.  Are there any special settings that need to be set when multicore debugging or when using an RTOS?