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Question about QMan portals and interrupts

Question asked by Michael Chen on Aug 24, 2017

I'm working on LS1043 which have four cores, and boot the system with the argument "bportals=s0-2 qportals=s0-2", which meant we have three QMan portals


root@ls1043ardb:~# cat /proc/interrupts

43: 0 0 54 0 GIC 216 Level QMan portal 2
44: 0 52 0 0 GIC 218 Level QMan portal 1
45: 51 0 0 0 GIC 220 Level QMan portal 0


In the DTS file, I configure fm1-mac5 and fm1-mac6 works on Linux, and leave the rest for USDPAA.


After that, connect my laptop to fm1-mac5, set the IP address, and ping my laptop from LS1043.

Through command "cat /proc/interrupts", I saw that all the interrupts counters of three QMan portals increased simultaneously.


I have a few questions here,

  1. I think these portals has directions, what the directions here?
  2. What's the relationship between software portals and the core? I found that no matter how I configure the boot arguments, there is always channel 0 there, the left is related to boot arguments, what's this about?
  3. Why are all QMan portals interrupted simultaneously? I think one FMan MAC should be dedicated to one core, does this means that LS1043 use pool channel for the packets from FMan?
  4. If two cores share the same QMan portal, what is the scheduling strategy? 50-50 ?


Yiping Wang