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Configuring mma8653fc for freefall detection

Question asked by Sandeep Mantrala on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by Sandeep Mantrala

Motion Detection - OK, Np

I am successfully able to configure MMA8653FC for motion detection using the data sheet.

Parameters are as follows :


FF_MT_THS  = 0x3F

ELE = 1 and OAE = 1



Now I am trying to configure the sensor to detect freefalls and not motion

Works OK, without any issue


Freefall - Not ok

From data sheet, we need to configure the following values for freefall

ELE = 0 or 1 and OAE = 0


FF_MT_THS -> Contains a threshold value

From its description I see that

The unsigned 7-bit FF_MT_THS threshold register holds the threshold for the freefall detection where the magnitude of the X and Y and Z acceleration values is lower or equal than the threshold value.

From my understanding this means that if we have configured the threshold to +-4g, then whenever there is a acceleration lower than this threshold we will have an EA available in F_MT_SRC


So, even when the device is still, since 0 < 4g I always receive a freefall event. Which is obviously not right.


Q1 : So, I am not understanding how can I actually configure the parameters to correctly find a freefall event.


Q2: What is the difference between mode 1 and mode 2 as stated below

We have two modes to use for freefall. They say as follows :

Mode 1: Freefall detection with ELE = 0, OAE = 0

In this mode, the EA bit (0x16: FF_MTG_CFG, bit 7) indicates a freefall event after the debounce counter is complete.

Mode 2: Freefall detection with ELE = 1, OAE = 0

In this mode, the EA event bit indicates a freefall event after the debounce counter.


I don't understand what is the difference in both these statements..