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LS1012a SDK linux eth0 ping fail

Question asked by haff on Aug 24, 2017
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I am working on custom ls1012a board with two ethernet ports. I based my work on the RDB and FRDM sources from the latest available SDK. Connection to PHYs is almost the same as on the FRDM board and I have both ports working in U-Boot. Negotiation goes ok, ping goes through both ports.

But on the Linux I have only eth1 working properly. Both ports are recognized and both negotiate properly. But I have ping only through eth1, not eth0. On eth0 I only get a series of "Destination Host Unreachable". Looks like case when pfe isn't stopped in u-boot, but it is and eth1 works ok.

What am I missing? My dts configuration pretty much the same as in FRDM, the only difference is phy-id for. Any ideas?

Would be very grateful for any pointers.


P.S boot log is attached

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