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S12Z Firmware Security

Question asked by Manish Sangram on Aug 23, 2017
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We are using the S12ZVMC128 and we need maximum protection for firmware. We are aware of the FSEC Firmware Security bits, but as we know there are a lot of hackers who can somehow reset bits etc.


We are NOT using any boot loader, so we only expect to program via the MCU programming interface which will be available on our custom board.


We do not want anyone to read the FLASh or EEPROM or SRAM, so the best we can do as per the Reference Manual is to set the Flash Security States bits to 00. Is this enough in the real world?


How secure is the S12Z series against most hacking approaches both hardware and software? Is there any documentation on the same?

Is there any unique ID coded in each chip which we can access ?  At least this could help us locking the firmware to a specific physical chip.


Any help would be highly appreciated.