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Interrupt Priorty Issue

Question asked by Suraj Kumar on Aug 23, 2017
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I am using S32K144 micro controller . In this controller there are 16 interrupt level from 0 to 15.

In my application i am using two interrupt source and assigned priority 0 and 5 to both the interrupt source. 

Now at some state in my code i am disabling the both interrupts ( i am using  BASEPRI register to disable ).


So keeping in mind the above situation i have loaded BASEPRI= 0x00000000 to disable all interrupt having priorty level 0 and lower than 0 (means 5). But i am still getting interrupts,even i have disabled the interrupts.

Is this issue due to that i am putting "BASEPRI= 0x00000000"?

because Priority mask bits:0x00 = no effect,as given in this manual

ARM Information Center .

Could you please help me on this.