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LPC1788 from scratch, minimum circuit?

Question asked by John Whitmore on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Carsten Groen

Had a quick look through the datasheet and user manual for the LPC1788 but didn't see a basic circuit to get it up and running. I did see the crystal circuit in that chapter and the debug options in another chapter but where is the power? Section 3.12 "Power control" of the user manual hasn't got a single graphic. Chapter 6 "Pin Configuration" doesn't seem to mention power lines just I/O.


Section 6 of the Datasheet does list the Power pins. So for the LQFP144 Vdd is pins 41,62,77,102,114,138 listed as the 3.3v power supply. No mention of bypass caps. Does that mean no Caps? Certainly save on the parts count.


What have I missed? Looked at application notes listed on web site. Nothing relevant. Lots of information on the various peripherals but if I can't actually power up the device all that peripheral information is wasted on me. Maybe I'm showing my ignorance and everybody knows the required circuit.