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opengl display a image spend too much time

Question asked by cheng haibo on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by cheng haibo

my program load a bmp image and display it, after start up it, we should wait for a about 4.7s, then the screen would display the image.



get context for OpenGL & create frame buffer used:159.653000
link the shader used:183.930000

render end used:916.304000
render end used:932.968000

render end used:1982.968000
render end used:1999.632000
render end used:2016.304000
render end used:2032.969000
render end used:2049.636000

render end used:2866.298000

render end used:3082.967000

...  the screen is black
render end used:4682.972000
render end used:4699.636000
render end used:4716.304000
render end used:4732.968000