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m4 reload from linux fails

Question asked by Evan Thompson on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by D. RY

On an i.mx7d, I can't get reloading the m4 from linux to work. I'm trying the utility from this blog post:

New i.MX6SX & i.MX7D AMP debugging tool: imx-m4fwloader 


The problem is that swapping between 2 different m4 binaries does not work (reloading the same binary repeatedly does work). I'm using a stock sabre board and demo examples from the nxp bsp, so hopefully this will be easy to reproduce.


Setup to reproduce the issue:

i.mx7d sabre board with imx7d-sdb-m4 device tree

Copy these files to the sabre board:

m4fwloader binary from the above blog post

hello_world_ocram.bin example from nxp's FreeRTOS BSP

hello_world_2.bin, a second m4 binary that has one extra printf() call. Replace the hello_world main.c with the attached and rebuild hello_world_ocram. Rename the binary"hello_world_2.bin"


Boot linux and run these commands:

./m4fwloader /path/to/hello_world_2.bin 0x910000

./m4fwloader /path/to/hello_world_ocram.bin 0x910000


After the first command, the m4 starts, and the messages print to the terminal.

After the second command, the m4 will not start.

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