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How to Secure NFC using NTAG213 and NXP Reader Lib

Question asked by Benjamin LEVY on Aug 23, 2017

My question is similar to the one here, but since it is not answered i'll ask mine here :


I would like to set configuration on Mirror, mirror page, AUTH0, PROT, CFGLCK, NFC_CNT_EN, AUTHLIM, PWD and PACK included in pages 41 to 44 of the NTAG213 memory. I've read all the datasheet of NTAG213 and the library user manuel in this source but I still can't find my answer.


For more detail : I want to set a password and have to connect to the data only if I have the password. The configuration that i want are described as followed and are in relation with chapter 8.5 for memory organisation of NTAG213 datasheet and 8.5.7 Configuration pages on the same document. I know exactly the configuration i want :


  • CFG0 :

    • MirrorConf____________0b0
    • Mirror_byte___________0b0
    • RFUI__________________0b0 default
    • STRGMOD_EN____________0b1
    • RFUI__________________0b0
    • RFUI__________________0x00
    • MirrorPAge____________0x00
    • AUTH0_________________0xFF
  • CFG1 :

    • PROT__________________0b1
    • CFGLCK________________0b0
    • RFUI__________________0b0 default
    • NFC_CNT_EN____________0b1
    • NFC_CNT_PWDPROT_______0b0
    • AUTHLIM_______________0b000
  • PWD : (my password)

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • PACK : could i have some explanation about that part ? i don't really know its signification.


Moreover I would like to use command from the NXPrdlib but i don't know what to use after reading it, i can load and store a choosen key (1234) but can't authenticate to ntag213 with a authcommand ...

Can someone help me finding function in c from the lib that i have to use ?

I suppose i can't change directly CFG0/1 and PWD the first time because i tried and it didn't work with phalmful_write() function.

Furthermore I don't really get the difference with Mifare Key that is 6 bytes long that is to say 2 bytes longer than phkey ... [A part is done in this source but it is not clear.

thanks in advance.