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Android App to connect to SSDP Connected Device

Discussion created by Koko Mihan on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Thomas Wuttke
After a day and a half of trial and error, I am still unable to build the sample application. I am also not able to build a blank application from scratch as outlined in the instructions. Specifically, I am following the instructions in the SSDP Connected Device Source Code Description and the AN11739 PN66T Wearable System Integration Guide. Here are the issues that I am encountering.
1) The sample project is using an experimental version of gradle which would not be suitable for production. This version has numerous syntax differences with normal gradle versions.
2) Putting (1) aside and attempting to follow the instructions for creating a new android application, I am finding that the instructions are incomplete and there are numerous gaps in the steps. The instructions make reference to obtaining the NFC core sdk files and referencing them. However after installing these files there are still references to other files/folders that are missing: 
- src/main/jni/Common/
 - src/main/jni/IChannel/
 - src/main/jni/osal/
I was able to find the first 2 of these by looking at the source for the demo app and copying them over. The osal folder remains elusive. In addition, numerous other include paths (20 or so) are missing from the original instructions. These were manually added by trial and error. In the end, I still have a large number of unresolved compile errors
3) It appears that the SDK supports multiple configurations regarding whether SE is on the wearable or device. Also configurations about test mode and how f/w is loaded. However the instructions on how to configure is vague and incomprehensible. The issues that I am facing above may very well be related to configuration.
4) Finally, I have noticed that the code contains some #ifdefs which turn enable/disable functions. However in some cases the ifdef variable is misspelled (i.e ANDORID vs ANDROID). This could also cause some undesired behaviour since it may inadvertently enable/disable the wrong functions.
Has anyone had any luck with using the above reference for building a sample Android application?
I am using Android Studio v2.3.1 and attempting to build a "Companion App" to the wearable. The wearable will contain the Secure Element.  I have installed the WearableCoreSDK package but I am having lots of issues building it.
Thanks in advance