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some question about S12XEP EEE(eeprom)

Question asked by 展辉 刘 on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by Radek Sestak

when i see the An3743,there are some question . when us use the EEE,if the  EEE is enabled  is necessary?Because in the An3743.step 5 is write data(before) before EEE ENABLED.

step 7 is write data(during) after  EEE ENABLED.



at last,power cycle the mcu,then  Without executing any code, observe the memory window and notice that all three strings have disappeared from the buffer RAM. in the EEE RAM, however, still has the “BEFORE” and “DURING” strings since they were copied from EEE flash by the FTM .


So what is The difference between the  EEE ENABLED and not  EEE ENABLED. Is it is necessary to EEE ENABLED when i use the EEPROM?