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K66 Flexbus, multiplexed and non multiplexed mode

Question asked by tatali faku on Aug 22, 2017
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I am new to flexbus usage and I don't understand how the K66 chooses between multiplexed and non multiplexed mode.


I am using a MK66FX1M0VMD18 and according to reference manual, it support both multiplexed and non multiplexed 32-bit address and 32-bit data busses. The little note "Some modes of operation (like 32-bit non-multiplexed address and data busses) require signals to actually be available on the pins of your specific device package" does not really help because I have not seen anywhere a list of the required pins for the non-multiplexed mode.


I tried to configure FB_CSCR0 with BLS=1, AA=1 and PS=0 (I also tried 1 and 2) but I seem to remains in multiplexed mode. FB_CSAR0=0x6000_0000, FB_CSMR0=0x0000_0001 => 64KB block @0x6000_0000. CSPMCR = 0x0222_2000.


I also tried FB_CSCR0 with BLS=1, AA=1, PS=1 (8 bits) with CSPMCR = 0x0200_0000 without any success.


Can someone give a working example or explanation of the minimal settings required to use non-multiplexed 32-bit address and 32-bit data busses ?