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ZR and ZED are rejoined while the coordinator is off. How do I know the status of this ZED after the coordinator is turned on?

Question asked by SeungHo Kim on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Castaneda Lopez
I have 3 device, 1 ZC, 1ZR and 1 ZED.
1. Join ZC and ZR
2. Join ZC and ZED
3. Power Off ZC
4. Rejoin ZR and ZED --> At this time, a new address is sometimes assigned.
5. Power On ZC --> How does the coordinator know zed's new address?
6. ZED Leave Request (User operation)
7. As shown in the image below ZR receives a Leave event.
8. In ZC, however, the state of ZED is unknown.
--> How does Zc know the state of ZED? (Rejoin ZR and ZED, Leave .... )

I want to know any information of zed.
Especially !!!
ZR receives ZED's device left information, and ZC receives Update Device command.
I want to know about Update Device information in ZC.
Thanks for any answer.