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Can i route PCM-audio from external SSI1 to external SSI2 with mixing and record on cpu?

Question asked by Konstantin Shvetsov on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by Konstantin Shvetsov

I need connect imx6ull cpu to external audio-codec w681310 (PCM, I2S) and GSM-module with PCM audio (for example SIMcom SIM5360E).
If i route audio from GSM-module to internal SSI1 port (host port 1) (for record, and mix audio) can i simultaneously route audio after mixing through internal SSI2 port to audio-codec?
GSM(PCM)->PP1(SSI1)->AUDMUX->HP1(SSI1)->CPU(mixing, record audio)->HP2(SSI2)->AUDMUX->PP2(SSI2)->codec(PCM)

Or i can use only one internal SSI port for record, mixing and routing audio?
GSM(PCM)->PP1(SSI1)->AUDMUX->HP1(SSI1)->CPU(mixing, record audio)->HP1(SSI1)->AUDMUX->PP2(SSI2)->codec(PCM)