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Ethernet hardware timestamps on iMX6DL and iMX6Q

Question asked by romainpelletant on Aug 21, 2017



We are trying to use iMX6 to get informations about UDP broadcasting, and we have to get timestamps of incoming packets.

We tried using libpcap and Colibri iMX6DL and HW timestamps are really good.

After that, we changed board and tried to use it on Apalis iMX6Q and HW timestamps are wrong : timestamp value never change.

Then, we tried to use basics linux functions to get HW timestamp and the result is the same : timestamp never changed when HW is selected. 

Is it a problem concerning clocks in device tree? Driver implementation? Do you have an idea about that problem?


Board : Apalis iMX6Q and Colibri iMX6DL

OS : Linux with yocto tool based on Morty


If you need more precisions or details, please feel free to ask me.


Thank you.