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Inquiry SGTL5000 external VDDD software setting on i.MX6DL platform

Question asked by Andy Chien on Aug 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by igorpadykov

Dear Sir,


Our customer used SGTL5000 on i.MX6DL platform, but some question below.

1. SGTL5000 suggest to use VDDD on new design, but NXP BSP SGTL5000  (sgtl5000.c) setting is some difference         VS. programming example  on datasheet page 26.


2. By Datasheet Page 26

    If customer use external VDDD power and enable  VDDD internal linear regulator, what is occur on SGTL5000 chip (       no programming or damage)


//--------------- Power Supply Configuration----------------
// NOTE: This next 2 Write calls is needed ONLY if VDDD is
// internally driven by the chip
// Configure VDDD level to 1.2V (bits 3:0)
// Power up internal linear regulator (Set bit 9)
Write CHIP_ANA_POWER 0x7260
// NOTE: This next Write call is needed ONLY if VDDD is
// externally driven
// Turn off startup power supplies to save power (Clear bit 12 and 13)
Write CHIP_ANA_POWER 0x4260


3. By use external VDDD power in, software only write CHIP_ANA_POWER 0x4260 is OK, right?


4.  Provide customer dump SGTL5000 registers (sgtl5000_register_dump.txt) 

    Could you help check and provide some comments?

Thanks a lot, 

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