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M52233DEMO + Codewarrior 7.1

Discussion created by Xarion Comoretto on Sep 10, 2008
Latest reply on May 13, 2009 by Ioannis Pallis
Hey guys, I am really battling getting this project going. I unforunately left the CDs that came with the demo board back home. So i have downloaded CW 7.1 and am trying to get something going on this dev. board. Everything compiles, but i am unable to debug or use the Flash Programmer. Cannot erase nor program nor blankcheck. The CFlasher app work tho (it requires a .bin or an .S19 file which i have no idea how to generate. CW only seems to generate an .elf file)

In the CW Flash Programmer if i choose blank check i get the following:

Flash Programmer plugin failed to load the flash utility driver. The magic number read from target memory after the image was loaded is incorrect. Please enable Verify Target Memory Writes in Target Configuration to check that the algorithm downloads correctly. If you are downloading the algorithm to DDR try checking your DDR configuration.

If i choose erase it gets stuck on initialising...., the log window gives me:
P&E:                test_for_freeze = False
P&E:            test_for_freeze 
P&E:    check_critical_error
P&E:                criticalError = 0x08
P&E:            check_critical_error 
P&E:    test_for_freeze
P&E:                test_for_freeze = False
P&E:            test_for_freeze 

When i click cancel i get "Error:  Getting flash ID failed "

What on earth am I missing? I see that the pc is talking to the BDM because the reset light flashes on the board  when i try do something.


thanx in advance