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Question asked by Yuan Dao on Aug 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by Yuan Dao

In kw41z bluetooth beacon demo code, I modify it to do a scanning first, right after Initialization,

bleResult_t result = App_StartScanning(&gScanParams, BleApp_ScanningCallback);

however, the result  is always 4 (gBleFeatureNotSupported_c). Scan cannot be started. How do I fix this?


Later I try modified the hid_host code, where the scan function works, and add advertise functions,

bleResult_t result = Gap_SetAdvertisingParameters((gapAdvertisingParameters_t*)&gAppAdvParams);

And the result is also 4 (gBleFeatureNotSupported_c). Advertise cannot be started. What a bummer!


I think there's some place specify the role of device, and then central can only scan, and peripheral can only advertise.

But I cannot find the place where such role is specified in these project codes.

I want my device be capable of both scan and advertise, it seems Observer and Broadcaster are capable both rx & tx. 

From BLE Application Developer's Guide:

• Observer
o Scans for advertisers, but does not initiate connections; Transmit is optional
• Broadcaster
o Advertises, but does not accept connection requests from Centrals; Receive is optional