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Clarification on Zigbee license requirments for Kinetis KW2xD

Question asked by Carl Norman on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by Jose Pena

I'm a little concerned about having to pay an IAR license ($5000?) on top of our Codewarrior license that is around $2000.


From the KZASAUG.pdf 2.Introduction

The Kinetis BeeStack includes a set of example applications for the ZigBee Pro Feature Set using the Home Automation or ZigBee Light Link supplemented by a generic application. These applications require you to install IAR Embedded WorkBench version 7.4 or later


I read this as (you're going to be paying $5000 for an IAR license)? Am I wrong?


I have to make a small FOB/Remote control that will arm/disarm an exsisting Zigbee alarm system (I have their support for any integration questions). My plan was to buy two FRDM-KW24D512, have one that will act as a remote to arm disarm the other board (turn an LED on/off). Seems very simple, but I have never had to deal with Zigbee (I have done Z Wave).


If I am reading this correctly, if i need to use the Zigbee Light Link or Home automation application than I am up for the IAR license?