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FRDM-K66 FreeRTOS DSPI Pin-Muxing

Question asked by Jeremy Anderson on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by Jeremy Anderson

I've created a project for this example and run it with success, but just for educational purposes I changed the pin muxing to use SPI2 so the jumpering looks like this:

SPI0 pins are connected with SPI1 pins of board
Pin Name    Board Location    Pin Name Board Location
MOSI          J2 pin 10                MISO        J2 pin 17
MISO          J2 pin 8                  MOSI        J3 pin 9
SCK             J2 pin 12               SCK          J2 pin 19
PCS0          J2 pin 6                  PCS0        J6 pin 3


After using the Pin Tool to generate the pinmux files I copied them in to my project and changed:




When I run this example I get an error reported in data transfer.  The master and slave transfers complete successfully, but the data received by the slave is all 1s, whereas the data received by the master matches what was sent by the slave.


I'm wondering is this is a problem with the documentation of the board or the pin muxing, or if I don't understand the process.  Anyone else tried this?

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