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LS1021A MII pin muxing

Question asked by fdm on Aug 17, 2017
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There is a note for the Table 31 of the AN4878 "QorIQ LS1021A Design Checklist" that says:

1. When eTSEC 1 or eTSEC 2 are configured as MII mode some of the MII 1 and MII 2 signals are muxed with eTSEC 3 signals. In the RCW configuration eTSEC 3 must be selected as MII.

These muxed signals are TX_ER, CRS and COL.

Does eTSEC 3 have to be selected as MII when there's no need to use these muxed signals?

Can I simultaneusly use eTSEC 1 as RGMII 1, eTSEC 2 as MII 2 and eTSEC 3 as RMII EC3 in this case (when e.g. the MII2 is used for MAC-to-MAC full-duplex communication and TX_ER, CRS and COL are not needed)?