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cgi page is not loading and it get me 404 error why?

Question asked by navid ansari on Aug 16, 2017
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I have a CGI page that looks like this


t <html><head><title>LED Control</title>
t <script language=JavaScript>
t function AllSW(st) {
for(i=0;i<document.form1.length;i++) {
t   if(document.form1.elements[i].type=="checkbox"){
t    document.form1.elements[i].checked=st;
t   }
t  document.form1.submit();
t }
t </script>
t <h2 align=center><br>Control LEDs on the board</h2>
t <p><font size="2">This page shows you how to use the following http form <b>input</b> objects:
<b>checkbox</b>, <b>select</b> and <b>button</b>. It uses also a simple <b>Java Script</b>
t  function to check/uncheck all checkboxes and submit the data.<br><br>
t  This Form uses a <b>POST</b> method to send data to a Web server.</font></p>
t <form action=leds.cgi method=post name=form1>
t <input type=hidden value="led" name=pg>
t <table border=0 width=99%><font size="3">
t <tr bgcolor=#aaccff>
<th width=40%>Item</th>
<th width=60%>Setting</th></tr>
t <td><img src=pabb.gif>LED control:</td>
t <td><select name="ctrl" onchange="submit();">
c b c <option %s>Browser</option><option %s>Running Lights</option></select></td></tr>
t <tr><td><img src=pabb.gif>LED diode ports [7..0]:</td>
t <td><table><tr valign="middle">
# Here begin the 'checkbox' definitions
c b 7 <td> <button type="button" name = "button" onclick="submit();">Click Me!</button></td>
c b 6 <td><input type="text" name="firstname"><br></td>
c b 5 <td><input type=checkbox name=led5 OnClick="submit();" %s>5</td>
c b 4 <td><input type=checkbox name=led4 OnClick="submit();" %s>4</td>
t <td width="5%"></td>
c b 3 <td><input type=checkbox name=led3 OnClick="submit();" %s>3</td>
c b 2 <td><input type=checkbox name=led2 OnClick="submit();" %s>2</td>
c b 1 <td><input type=checkbox name=led1 OnClick="submit();" %s>1</td>
c b 0 <td><input type=checkbox name=led0 OnClick="submit();" %s>0</td>
t </font></table></td></tr>
t <tr><td><img src=pabb.gif>All LED diodes On or OFF</td>
t <td><input type=button value="  ON   " onclick="AllSW(true)">
t <input type=button value="  OFF  " onclick="AllSW(false)"></td></tr>
t </table></form>
. End of script must be closed with period.

and i have index.html that looks like this


 <a href="/leds.cgi">

it's just a link to a cgi file


index.html is running fine but when i try to run leds.CGI it's not working anymore


im using network core 7.5.0


yes i added CGI file to the web folder


it get me this error



HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found Server: Keil-EWEB/2.1 Content-type: text/html Connection: close

Error 404 - Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.