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The LS1012ARDB TX network is very slow

Question asked by Jason Wu on Aug 18, 2017

   I used iperf testing network throughput, client is LS1012ARDB and server is Ubuntu 16.04, the test results are 23 Mbits, following is iperf logs:
[ 3] 0.0-300.0 sec 824 MBytes 23.0 Mbits/sec

   I exchange iperf server and client, server is Ubuntu and client is LS1012ARDB, re-test, following is iperf logs:
[ 5] 0.0-300.0 sec 29.6 GBytes 848 Mbits/sec

   In addition I tested HTTP file transfer, the LS1012ARDB is HTTP server, download the HTTP file with the google chrome, about speed 4-11 Kbytes,


Ubuntu firefox  HTTP download speed is Unstable, most of them are 5xx ~ 9xx Kbytes, sometimes 2x Mbytes,


Why is the LS1012ARDB TX network speed so slow? Please help me.

I have uploaded a detailed log file.


FIRMWARE: /flash-image/LS1012A_SDK_LS1012ARDB_20161230_QSPI_Flash.bin  in LS1012A-SDK-AARCH64-IMAGE-20161230-yocto.iso.


LS1012ARDB board700-28872 REV B, SCH28872 REV D.

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