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External interrupt with the Model Based Design Toolbox

Question asked by Markus Ransberger on Aug 17, 2017
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I'm missing a feature in the MBDToolbox which I am using with the DEVKIT-MPC5744P. Since the board has no easy accessible pins (without soldering) to trigger the CTU0 to start an ADC conversion, I would need another way to get an external interrupt request via available IO pins. The standard way, using S32 IDE does work fine (still without using the CTUs), but in Simulink I'm missing the possibility to place a trigger block with external interrupt capabilities.


I found the "mbdtargetmainlibpnt.tlc" file where the interrupt handlers are defined, but vectors like "Vector # 243 SIUL2 External Interrupt_0" and so on are not being used.


The main goal is to use the toolbox to create runnable code for that board but there aren't enough functions blocks for specific things like interrupts (and their glitch filter, et cetera).


So what are my options here?


(I'm thinking about adding the missing interrupt handlers to that .tlc file and then adding a S function block with the rest of the code. I'm not sure if that will work, though.)


Thank you,

Markus R.


PS: Could you please think about not using the CTU0 EXT_IN pins for LEDs and a chip enable in the next revision of the board? That would be great because I would like to use that feature someday.