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understanding security state

Question asked by Thorsten Mumm on Aug 15, 2017
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i try to secur my S12ZVC but i get a problem with my programm or understanding this funktion


when i try this exampel  as global variable

const unsigned char flash_array[] @ 0xFFFE08 =     // secure the device without backdoor key
    0xFF,   //0xFFF08  
    0xFF,   //0xFFF09  
    0xFF,   //0xFFF0A  RESERVED
    0xFF,   //0xFFF0B  RESERVED
    0xFF,   //0xFFF0C  FPROT
    0xFF,   //0xFFF0D  DFPROT
    0xFF,   //0xFFF0E  FOPT
    0xFC,   //0xFFF0F  FSEC - SECURED without backdoor key


my code / modul dosent works! and i can not debug and get the massage it is secur


When the Chip is unsecur me code/ modul works fine.


where is my mistake? I wil only protec the chip for reading by a other one after he is programm


what have i to do?


Thanks for help