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Does BLE packet sniffing with USB-KW41Z even work?

Question asked by Phillip Beeson on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by Phillip Beeson

I've been trying to sniff BLE packets between 2 devices now for almost 3 weeks with no success.  Has anyone out there sucesfully achieved this with the USB-KW41Z?  


I have not problem seeing advertising data and the initial connect request, but after that the sniffer seems to fail to follow the hop pattern and drops back to watching the advertising channels.  Meanwhile the 2 devices are happily connected with peripheral GATT services discovered and working, yet the sniffer sees none of it.


I've tried on Windows 7 & 10, with wireshark 2.2.8 and the kinetis protocol analyser adapter   I have 2 USB-KW41Z boards, one with the as delivered stock firmware, one with the firmware image(s) from the MKW41Z connectivity software 1.0.2 package, both show the same behaviour.


If anyone has this working, I'd appreciate a wireshark capture file just to prove to me that it can be made to work - somehow!


Any help would really be appreciated.