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i.MX6 Yocto 2.1 How to update image by mfgtool when the device is enabled HAB function

Question asked by charles huang on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

When the device is enabled HAB function, I want to update image by mfgtool.
I use signed u-boot image and signed kernel image, but the device cannot boot by mfgtool.
The following message is in ucl2.xml file:

<LIST name="ADV hab-image" desc="update hab-image">
<CMD state="BootStrap" type="boot" body="BootStrap" file ="firmware/u-boot.imx">Loading HAB U-boot</CMD>
<CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="firmware/zImage" address="0x10800000"
loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE">Loading HAB Kernel.</CMD>
<CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="firmware/fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs-imx_mfgtools.cpio.gz.u-boot" address="0x10C00000"
loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE">Loading Initramfs.</CMD>
<CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="firmware/zImage-%dtb%.dtb" address="0x18000000"
loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE">Loading device tree.</CMD>
<CMD state="BootStrap" type="jump" > Jumping to OS image. </CMD>
<CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ echo Update Complete!">Done</CMD>


Can you help me to solve this issue?


Thank you.


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