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i.mx6q openGL update screen abnormal

Question asked by lin ya on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by gusarambula
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sometime, i.mx6q openGL update screen abnormal.

The screen don't update after call glSwapBuffers();

I need to call glFlush explicitly to avoid this problem.


The render buffer is active but it is not update to screen.

I save the render buffer through glreadpixels after this issue happend.

I check the saved image, the render buffer is update normal , but it is not update to screen.


My software version is:

yocto-fsl imx-3.14.52-1.1.0_ga

GPU library is imx-gpu-viv-5.0.11.p8.4-hfp.bin

GPU work on fb mode. There are no x11 or wayland.


This issue disappear on any one of below situation

1.downgrade the GPU library version to imx-gpu-viv-5.0.11.p8.3-hfp.bin

2.insert some debug message in my render code.

3.Call glFlush function explicitly frame by frame.