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FlexCAN autobaud failure MKE16F512VLH16

Question asked by Andrew Kroll on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Andrew Kroll

If any other device on the CANBUS is actively participating, the ROM refuses to see the initial ping request, even if I specifically set the baud rate for FlexCAN in the BCA, which in my case is 0x02 (500K bauds).

Is there any thing short of powering down or forcing other devices to enter listen only mode when they see a ping packet?

The problem is quite large on the current board as there are 3 MCU always present. One MKE16F512VLH16, and Two MK20DX256. Additionally, up to an additional Seven MKE16F512VLH16, all on the CANBUS. Luckily the external 7 MKE16F512VLH16 are powered down during the update, but there is no way to power down the other two MK20DX256. In fact one of them is used to update the main MKE16F512VLH16.The core reason for having KBOOT in ROM is for the obvious benefit of the ability to recover from a botched flash operation, without worries of accidentally erasing the bootloader. Short of having to port KBOOT 2, and fixing the annoyance that I am seeing, are there any other recommendations to making a fallback to ROM work other than forcing all other modules into listen mode with a halt?


This device reports:

Current Version = K1.5.1