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Accessing QSPI Flash on  i.MX7D Sabre board from Linux?

Question asked by simon goda on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Rita Wang

I'm using a Yocto build (via fsl-community-platform) for booting Linux on my i.mx7 Dual Sabre board. The kernel configuration has (from what I can see) the relevant options to enable the QSPI flash and the MTD layer but I do not see that the QSPI is enabled. I do not see anything for QSPI and MTD in the device tree sources.

The i.MX Linux reference manual implies that there should be either AT45DB321D or M25P32 flash on board. Looking on the actual board I see a Macronix MX25L51245G serial flash chip.

Please can someone advise as to whether this device can be accessed from the Linux running on the SoC and where to get the appropriate device tree code etc.?


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