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LS1043ARDB OpenSDA/Mbed application download link

Question asked by Strong Qu on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Strong Qu

LS1043ARDB board comes with OpenSDA/mbed support. Anybody knows where to find OpenSDA application for this board? I somehow blow away the CMSIS-DAP application on my board.  I found download links of other NXP platform such as Freedom FRDM-K22F at here: And tried several of the binary but seems none of them works on LS1043ARDB board.

Another question, is there a way to flash the image through OpenSDA/mbed, without using TAP/Jtag? For one of our LS1043ARDB board, the image (include the UBoot) are totally gone (from both bank of NOR flash). I guess I need a flash programmer OpenSDA application. Or maybe I can make one based on OpenSDA/MBed? Any relative information are welcome.