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Question asked by Luboš Vidner on Aug 15, 2017
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I would like to put XGATE on  MC9S12XEP100. After the net, I tried to find out some code, for example on the topic of transmitting the character after sci.  I tried some of the codes, but it was only in the simulator or it did not work. My programmer cannot run on the processor. Narrow in the simulator remains green. I program the processor over the TBDML interface. I made the board myself and only program the processor I'm going to do.

My target is CAN bus over XGATE.
I would ask someone if someone would send me an e-mail with a program on XGATE.


And are XGATE and CPU working interrupts together. CPU serves internal interrupts (for example timers T0,T2 and sci) and XGATE serves only CAN ... I think, thet it will do, because I am going to determine interrupts in XGATE ??? Change XGATE Vector-tables ...

Thank you so much