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i.MX6UL Phy Management

Question asked by Patrick Jakob on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by igorpadykov

Dear Support Team,


i have question about the network MDIO management. We have the CPU i.MX6UL and built our own board with it. We are using 2 phys. 1 is connected to the fec1 the other is connected to the fec2. Both phys are connected to one MDIO bus. So i put the MDIO management in the fec1 node and have the 2 phy handle in each fec node. I use the enet1_mdio/mdc pins in the iomux. So everything works fine i can activate both phys in different orders in  Linux. First eth0 then eth1 or eth1 then eth0 everything works.

So if i move the mdio management to the fec2 node and switch the mdio pins from __enet1_mdio/mdc to __enet2_mdio/mdc. I have to activate the phys in a specific order in Linux. First i have to activate eth1 then i can activate eth0. If i try to activate eth0 first i dont get a link and cant bring the phy up. Is there any problem or difference between enet1_mdio/mdc and enet2_mdio/mdc.


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Patrick Jakob