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MPC5643L BIST operation for LVD/HVD

Question asked by rakeshshetty on Aug 13, 2017
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I need some information's regarding 1.2V core voltage LVD/HVD operation in MPC5643L Microcontroller.

From the datasheet I understood that the 1V2 core voltage will be monitored for both LVD, and HVD during BIST operation which comes under PHASE3 of the Reset sequence. The voltage detectors themselves have a hardware based self-checking feature.In case the main voltage detector detects over or under voltage during normal operation of the Microcontroller  a ‘ destructive reset ‘ is triggered.

Now, I want to know what are all the software actions are required (If any) to execute this operation like some test case. How do we know that is is successfully done.


Any additional information on this topic is useful.


Thanks in Advance.