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Question about support dual screen with LVDS and HDMI.

Question asked by Hyobok Ahn on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Hyobok Ahn

I'm working on iMX6Q and iMX6Solo.
I have question to support dual screen(mirror display) with LVDS and HDMI.

I work based on git:// -b imx-4.1.15-1.0.0_ga.
and I use build option with
        $ MACHINE=imx6qsabresd source -b imx6q-qt5 -e x11
        $ bitbake fsl-image-qt5


I check each LVDS and HDMI work fine with video boot option like as:
  LVDS test :           setenv video 'video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,LDB-XGA,if=RGB24'
  HDMI test :           setenv video 'video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24'
  HDMI test :           setenv video 'video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1024x768@30,if=RGB24'


but, I always fail when want to display LVDS and HDMI dual screen(simultinaous mirror screen).
I try most of wat to do support it, but I always I fail.
when I test with
  setenv video 'video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24 video=mxcfb1:dev=ldb,LDB-XGA,if=RGB24'
the HDMI work only.
when I test with
  setenv video 'video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb,LDB-XGA,if=RGB24 video=mxcfb1:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24'
th LVDS work only.


I think the mxcfb0 device only work.
I try to use ldb=dul0 or ldb=di0 option, but the source do not have parse routine for this operation.
I try dual mode on device tree, but have no effect too.
I test with fb, wayland and x11 backend, and all of result is same.


My question is "How can I enable dual screen on the iMX6Q and iMX6S?"
I guess, it must have patch for dual screen support. How can I get dual screen display patch?


I have one more question.
I hope to use iMX6Q and iMX6Solo use with one image.
but, I found there are machine option with imx6qsabresd and imx6solosabresd.
I guess iMX6Q and Solo is different in number of CPU, and peripheral is same, am I right?
can I use imx6qsabresd machine option for both of iMX6Q and iMX6Solo device?


if not, what is different between two options?