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MCAL, OS and CDDs for S32K, where to find?

Question asked by Ricardo Hernandez on Aug 13, 2017


On NXP press link: it is mentioned that for AUTOSAR apps there is a S32K Starter Kit from ArCore TM and NXP provides MCAL and OS along with CDDs, at the end of the paragraph it is mentioned the following "It is available free of charge for evaluation".

I would like to evaluate S32K to deploy Autosar from the APP layer to BSW and MCAL in order to make possible the adoption of AUTOSAR from the educational (univeristy) point of view.

On the ArcCore page it is mentioned that his IDE Studio and BSW is compatible and supports S32K, but NXP's MCAL is needed to be requested/quoted to NXP directly since they do not provide.

Could you please let me know about the possibility to get a kind of evaluation lincense for S32K MCAL for educational puroposes and if it is not possible to know what is the price of the license and for how long it is valid?


Thanks in advance for your time and attention.