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Unhandled Interrupt code is executed for SKEAZN8MFK4 MCU when using Processor Expert to configure FTM0

Question asked by juliusjai on Aug 12, 2017

Hello, I'm using CW MCU v10.7 and trying to configure Processor Expert for SKEAZN8MFK4 MCU.

I'm configuring FTM0 to test timer interrupt. When the code executes void FTM0_Init(void), the OpenSDA debugger stops and triggers PE_ISR(Cpu_Interrupt) -> Unhandled Interrupt Code.


/* This code can be changed using the CPU component property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */


Additional details:

Evaluation Kit used is TRK_KEA128.


All I have is PE generated code, so I assume everything should be working.


Any idea why Unhandled Interrupt is executed with the above conditions?

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