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Failed to flash system.img

Question asked by Raana on Aug 12, 2017

Dear all,


Currently, I'm using i.Mx6 SabreSD based custom board. There I'm trying to flash the Android (Android Nougat 7.1.1) binaries into eMMC. We have 4 kind of boards (i.Mx6Q/D/DL/S). All the cores are working fine except i.Mx6Solo (512MB RAM).


Before I have kept two u-boot.imx only. One is for Quad/Dual and another one is for DL/Solo (common DCD settings). The same configurations are working fine with latest Linux release and the earlier Android release too.


But here, it was giving error when i tried with DL and solo. So, after that I have kept difference cfg file for DL (because my DL is 1GB). After that DL was working without any error.


But solo is always giving error. Whether it's related to RAM size ?


MFG tool from, android_N7.1.1_1.0.0_tools.tar.gz.

It's giving error, exactly when flashing the system.img file (error log attached).


What may be the issue? Please guide me to move further.


Thank You.

Best Regards,


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