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CPRI 4.9Gbs Serdes Validation - B860

Question asked by yakov sayag on Aug 10, 2017


We use B4860 QorIQ for our project and we want to check the B4860 serdes for CPRI application .

for the setup and integration we use hardware - B4860 QDS

and setting using QorIQ serdes validation tool .

For the Serdes validation we set the configure as:

RCW = CPRI , link rate 4.915Gbps

we set 2 tests:

Test 1 -  BIST -> test Pattern = PRBS7 digital loopback and long test.... ,   result  = PASS (no errors, CDR lock, BIST  pattern Sync), 

Test 2 - Eye diagram - the Eye diagram is very bad and noisy, see attach pic.

it seems very strange , the BIST pass but eye diagram very bad, can you please advise?



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