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Re: i.MX6UL fuse prog for eMMC boot failed

Question asked by Andreas Wiesinger on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Andreas Wiesinger
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We tried it now with 

fuse prog 0 5 0x0000C86D

but it does not boot either. As we can workaround this by shortcutting a resistor on the board, we did not want to blow the 0x10 fuse as well, as this fuse will brick the board (and the workaround) completely.


My question is:  Is the fuse:

fuse prog 0 6 0x00000010

necessary to boot from the fuse settings or is it just a security setting? Currently, my only hope is, that this single fuse is necessary to "activate" the fuse settings from 0 5. If not, the settings we used for the second board (0x0000C86D) will not work either.

Can you help me out? Should I execute fuse prog 0 6 0x00000010 as well and risk bricking the second board fully?