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How to format a sd for booting on T2081

Question asked by Kyle von Schmacht on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Kyle von Schmacht

To whom it may concern,

We're tying to bring up a custom board based on the T2080rdb.  We're using the qoriq sdk v2.0-1703 yocto We've got built images ready to go, our issue is how to partition the SD card, which images to use, and how to load them where they need to go.


According to the QorIQ SDk v2.0-1703 Documentation, SD Deployment for the T2080RDB, we need 2 partitions

sdc1 (vfat)

sdc2 (ext2)


I assume that the u-boot-sdcard is loaded into the sdc1 partition [cp command? something else?]


For sdc2, I've found the filesystem image tarball mentioned in the docs.  Is the extracted file simply copied into the partition with cp or is something else required?  And for loading our customized code, what output is equivalent, are there any special procedures?


Thanks for your help,

Kyle von Schmacht