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Program a custom MKW41Z board and firmware required for that

Question asked by Akesh Chacko on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Akesh Chacko

We are designing a custom board which also include one MKW41z(MKW41Z512VHT4) BLE mcu. We took reference from LS1012ARDB board for designing it. UART0 pins of MKW41z are directly connected to UART interface of our main board which runs on linux. We have some queries about kw41 firmware and how to program the chips.
- Does the KW41Z comes with preloaded firmware which make it as blue-tooth device(connected to main board via UART)?
- If KW41 flash is empty, is there any binaries are available to download to make it as a bluetooth module (Our requirement is to make kw41 as a blue-tooth module so that we can access it from linux using hcitool)?
- We have given SDW interface in our hardware module and have jlink Lite. Please confirm is this sufficient for programming KW41?


For additional knowledge:
we have an FRDM-KL27Z board with us and have options to take out UART0_RX,UART0_TX,SWD_DIO,SWD_CLK and RESET from KW41 section of our H/W. So is it possible to program KW41 with FRDM-KL27Z board's open sda interface.