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I can not use the DDR2 driver with the Processor Expert

Question asked by Diego Perea on Aug 9, 2017

Hi, I have the Code Warrior for MCU V10.6.4 Build: 150416
I create a new project to use the DDR2 memory of the TWR-K70F120M board, I am trying to configure it with the Prosessor Expert but I do not get it to work. The configuration of the DDR2 driver extract them from appendix B of the document entitled "Relocating Code and Data Using the CW GCC Linker File (.ld) for Kinetis". When I attempt to enter debug mode an error appears and after several tests I find that the error occurs when writing to DDR_CR00, but also happens if I write to any DDR_CRXX.
Attached I send some images in file:
Image 1: Code Warrior ready to enter debug.
Image 2: When it enters the debug mode, it is already in trouble because it can not initialize.
Image 3: after resetting I can enter debug mode before initialization.
Image 4: I click on "Run to this line" and until then it works well.
Image 5: When I click on "Run to this line" on the next line I lose the communication.
Image 6: When I try to pause the debug, the error appears.
I've been working on this for two weeks and I have to give it an end. Also try to copy the code in appendix B of the document already named but obtained the same result.
I enclose the complete project (

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