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when play music The sound was all rustling

Question asked by 明镜 明 on Aug 9, 2017
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the music rate is 24 bits, and the sampling rate is 48K。

take the fpga as codec。

fpga works in master,and provide bit clock (2*32*48k) and  frame sync clock (48k)。

1:  we use mplayer command  to  play  the music ,  in kernel , params_format(params)  get SNDRV_PCM_FORMAT_S16_LE,  treat as  double channle, 48k sample rate, 16bit

and sound good 。


we use aplay  command  to  play  the music ,  in kernel , params_format(params)  get SNDRV_PCM_FORMAT_S20_3LE,  treat as  double channle, 48k sample rate, 20bit

and sound badly,The sound was all rustling。

why ?

ssi support  20 WL。

how do i slove ?debug ?